Booking Terms and conditions

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) measures and amendments to T&Cs

Re opening for 2021 season on 1 june.

As the Covid-19 guidance and ‘levels’ change, we are watching closely and changing our operating procedures based on the latest medical advice and information from government agencies.

As we all know being outdoors and staying active is the best way to keep healthy. The outside aspect of our activities is fairly low risk but we have introduced new risk assessments and procedures to cover the areas of operation which we believe need to be adapted.

Here is our Covid-19 risk assessment and procedure document, to be reviewed and amended as information changes. Last reviewed 28 may 2021 .

Covid-19 mitigation risk assessments and procedures.

Clients and Staff : anyone with Covid-19 symptoms or having tested positive for Covid-19 will not be permitted to attend our activities or in the case of staff to work. All staff and clients are reminded of the need for regular hand washing and physical distance spacing recommendations.

Staff (outdoor instructors working together). The 5/6 staff whom will be working for Full On Adventure this summer season 2021, live together in our staff house so are in the same household in Covid-19 terms which eliminates the need for ‘Staff:Staff’ spacing in areas such as our office, in terms of using computers and our other restricted space areas such as drying room, stores and so on.

Meeting clients:

Risk: Transmission of virus via airborne droplets and contact.

Actions: 1) We will create floor marked areas outside our meeting base ( pavilion) which will give defined places for staff and customer groups to stand when meeting and being briefed. This will keep the 2m spacing as currently advised.

2) Staff will be asked to wear ‘buffs’ or other face coverings during the initial ‘meet & greet’, however once clients are in the designated outside areas and more than 2m from the staff member, face coverings may be removed but kept ready incase needed for closer proximity interaction or inside changing rooms etc. Staff will be responsible for providing and washing their own buff/face coverings.

Risk Declarations and contact tracing:

Risk: 1) contact with risk declaration documents by multiple people causing transmission. 2) Facilitation of contact tracing for any one specific session or date if it is later reported that someone on a session tested positive for Covid-19.

Actions: 1) clients will be asked to use their own mobile devices to complete our Risk Declaration forms. Clients will type a URL or by scanning our QR code which will lead them to our risk declaration form for completion online.  We will ask clients to perform this in advance of attendance if possible to save time but if not done in advance then that will be done on arrival at our base. 2) In the event of clients not having their own devices or other technical issues, clients will be allowed to use one of our public tablets to complete the form but tablets will be sprayed with disinfectant between each use and clients will be instructed to hand sanitize with our hand sanitizer dispensers prior to each person using the tablets. 3) Our risk declaration sign up procedure will also allow for contact tracing of anyone attending our sessions.  Names with date/time  of attendance is recorded, which is done in full compliance with data handling laws. These data handling laws do provide facility for clients to remove their names from our database following the session but that is something we cannot avoid unless that is changed.

Changing rooms and toilet:

Risk: Transmission via Surface contamination and airborne droplets.

Actions: 1) Changing rooms will be sanitized by staff before clients arrive. Morning and midday. Paying particular attention to disinfecting spray on door handles, changing room curtains where people enter and leave that that area, seats and hanging hooks   2) There will be a limit of no more than 2 family groups (unless more families are in the same bubble) in the changing room at one time and a limit of one family group in each side of our changing room in spaces divided by plastic curtains. 3)There will be hand sanitizer by the entrance to the changing rooms and customers will be told* to hand spray on entering the changing room. 4) Customers are advised to bring their own face coverings if they wish to use the changing rooms or toilets. 5) Customers will be given the option to change in their own vehicles or outside with a towel around themselves if they’d prefer to not use the changing rooms. 6) External additional changing screens or tent structures are not possible because if the flapping fabric causing disturbance to horse riding groups in the neighbouring field. Also the highland weather would probably destroy temporary tents structures fairly quickly.

* the staff member telling clients to hand sanitize when entrancing the changing rooms will be standing 2m away from the entrance to avoid transmission between clients and members of staff. It will be important to move the computer location to the far left hand end of the office space to avoid being 2m from the door way passage. If that isn’t possible then staff should avoid that space during times when clients enter and leave the changing rooms.

Equipment issue and collecting in of equipment:

Risk: virus transmission via equipment.

Action: 1) All equipment will be sanitized after every use by dunking it in a container of water which has been treated with ‘Milton’ type / safe Chlorine solution. Clients will be asked to dunk their own equipment after sessions with member of staff 2m away supervising that process. Clients will then be directed to hang equipment on our outside rail where it will drain prior to being put into storage by staff. 2) Rather than any staff handing of equipment to clients directly we will adopt a Covid-19 gear issue strategy    (a) staff will hand sanitize before the stage of taking equipment out of our storage area to the issue area. (b) equipment will be laid out in the issuing areas for clients to pick up rather than being handed from instructor to client as we did with some equipment in Pre-Covid-19 times. This will cause some delays but that will have mitigated by staff giving good direction to clients and laying out the equipment in a logical order to make self-collection for clients easy. (c) staff will hand sanitize prior to moving equipment from the outside hanging line to our drying room. When staff are in attendance during the midday lunch period, equipment will be left out in the sun if the weather allows this, to increasing UV exposure and reduce energy use ( energy use reduction isn’t a Covid-19 risk avoidance strategy but it is important for the bigger climate change emergency).

Travel to activities.

Risk: small enclosed vehicle spaces for Covid-19 transmission.

Action: 1) clients will all have to use their own vehicles and follow instructors to the activity venues. 2) unlike pre-Covid-19 times we will not be able to offer any clients without their own vehicles travel in our vehicle. 3) Seat covers for clients cars. In pre-Covid-19 times we gave clients plastic seat covers for their vehicles and we tried to recycle them as many times as possible to reduce plastic waste. However due to Covid-19 we will not be doing that and we will tell clients to take their own towels to sit on in their own cars.

Risk during activities and at the venue walks and briefings.

Risk: Covid-19 transmission.

Actions: 1) clients will be reminded to keep 2m spacing from the other ‘non bubble’ people on sessions. 2) Staff will set up briefings and facilitate walking clients keeping the 2m spacing. 3) Staff will attempt to keep 2m spacing during the activity but for safety reasons such as grabbing a river tube or a person to prevent them swimming a rapid, this may not always be possible and clients will be briefed of that reality.

Because clients and instructors will be wearing full wetsuits, wetsuit gloves and head coverings (helmets) there is reduced transmission risk. Wind and sun may affect transmission risk in positive and sometimes negative ways but this isn’t fully avoidable.

Return to base and departure

Risk: Covid-19 transmission.

Actions: 1) Clients travel in their own cars. 2) Clients staggered through changing rooms (same rules are previously stated ) or given the option to change outside, however if they are changing in their own cars, staff will need to be extra vigilant in checking that clients return all items as that is a potential time when we could loose equipment due to kids for example leaving stuff in cars accidentally or just on the ground if changing in the trees by the base. 3) Departing clients will be verbally thanked for attending and asked to review and told about the free photos but will not be given any printed materials (that is a change due to Covid-19 precautions).

Activity specific changes for Covid-19: 1) Family rafting is only allowed for single families or single bubbles. Minimum of 8 paid places to book that activity. 2) clients are offered ‘private’ sessions for a 20% fee and minimum numbers of 4 for all activities except family rafting already covered. 3) all other activities are unchanged in risk assessment terms except for spacing and the specific changes which have already being covered in the proceeding Covid-19 mitigation risk assessments.

The above Covid-19 risk assessments and procedures do not include or regular Risk assessments and procedures but any client is welcome to review those on request.

Clients arrival and Changing.

Please arrive early and Remember you own towels.

We have extensive outdoor space around the changing rooms and so if people would prefer to change outside using a towel for privacy, open air amongst the Old Scottish Pines or in their cars if inclement weather then they can do that. People take their own cars to our activities and therefore there are really no enclosed spaces or close proximity areas during any part of our activities. Normally we advise people to share in as few cars as possible to address the arguably bigger emergency with face in terms of the environment, however currently we’d have to say taking more cars with less people in them is probably advisable at this stage of the advice we are receiving about limiting the spread of the virus.

In regard to cancellations by customers unable to attend for Covid 19 related reasons, we are offering to reschedule those bookings for free with in the next 24 months. Also because we know it is hard to know the specific date you want to reschedule too, at this time, we are happy to hold your credit and allow you to set the dates of your revisit with us, at a later time.

If we have to cancel activities a full refund will be given.

As government advise and potentially assistance unfolds we may amend our policies accordingly.

We look forward to giving you a great time this summer!

John Mason, Managing Director – 27 june 2020.

Below are our T&C’s as written and existing long before Covid-19 so please take it that any conflicts with the above Covid-19 text will be overridden by the more recent Covid-19 amendments. We may not have edited all conflicts due to a rapidly changing situation and office restrictions.


Cancellations by customers.

By having strict cancellation conditions we are able to give our guides the best security and contractual arrangements, which means we are able to have the most experienced and best guides for your safety and enjoyment in outdoor activities. Happy guides make happy customers.

If people cancel all or part of their booking with less than 8 weeks notice, irrespective of when booking was made with us, we cannot offer a refund. This is because we may have already made employment arrangements with staff or turned away other potential clients. We do, at our discretion, offer vouchers for future activities to people who have to cancel, this is accessed on a case-by-case basis.

It is possible to take out insurance against last minute cancellation for reasons such as illness and so on; check travel insurance providers for that.

Cancellation by Full On Adventure.

It is very unlikely we will need to cancel your activity booking and if we do not offer an alternative in substitution, then we will issue a full refund.

We reserve the right to change your activity type for reasons such as, but not limited to, unsuitable weather. An example of this would be changing Adventure White Water River Tubing to our Canyon/Gorge activity due to the river  Feshie being too high and so we relocate to a safer venue which is suitable for the alternative but equally fun activity. If rain causes all our river based activities to be unsafe we will change to our Loch based ‘Water Sport 3 in 1’ Kayak/SUP/Canoe combo and as it is equally priced there would be no refunds. However we do recognize people would prefer to the the originally booked activity and so we will give you 50% off your return visit to do the original activity when safe and that is valid for three years from the original booking.

We also change the activity if not enough people are booked to make it viable, for example if less than 10 people are booked to ww raft then we will change to a closer activity like WW River Tubing or Canyon Gorge.  If we do change your activity, we will aim to ensure the substitution is of a similar level of excitement and fun. It is the experience we have to make those substitution calls that has keep us at the top of our industry for safety for more than 15 years. We reserve the right to change your activity or venue for any reason and without giving notice and if people do then not wish to take part in the alternative activity or at the alternative venue offered, no refund will be given.

Late arrival of clients: if you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your activity we reserve the right to not take you and not offer a refund, as you may otherwise effect other customers we have or our staffs working hours / arrangements.

Transportation to venues

Your booking with fullonadventure for outdoor activities does not include any aspect of motorized road transportation unless this has been specifically arranged/advised by us in advance. It should not be ‘assumed’ by the client that ‘transportation’ is in anyway included unless we specifically refer to it in the activity information on our website. For the activities including but not exclusively, White Water Rafting, Adventure White Water Tubing, River Tubing, Gorge Walking and Canyoning our normal procedure is to meet clients at our changing room location, give you the equipment and then clients follow us in their own transportation ( cars mainly) to our activity venues. We do ( when we have covers in stock)  offer clients plastic seat covers to help keep their car seats dry on the return journey to the changing rooms. River Tubing and Adventure WW River Tubing are around a 10-15 minute drive, each way, from our Aviemore changing rooms to the venue, Gorge walking around 20mins drive each way, Canyoning 50mins drive each way, ww rafting around 45mins drive each way.

If you are planning to arrive at our changing room without a method of ongoing transportation ( for example you came on foot or were dropped off by a taxi/bus ) then you will need to ask us in advance if we can either provide or recommend transportation solutions for you which may involve additional changes which would be advised at the time at which you request it. We are much better able to make effective transportation assistance solutions if you give use plenty of notice prior to the date of you activities, by which i mean 2-3 weeks notice.

The Standup Paddle boarding activity does not require transportation as we walk from the changing room to the river which is about 5-10mins. For kayaking trips on the river spey and family float rafting trips on the river spey,  we will normally be providing a shuttle service for free, check with us if unsure.


Full On Adventure may use your email address to send you information about our courses in the future but will never share those details with any third parties. Any mailing from FOA will have an opt out unsubscribe link on it so you can leave at anytime you wish. Payment details are not kept and all our card processing payment gateways are PCI compliant.

For group bookings the main contact is responsible for communicating these conditions to all members of their group.

All participants must agree

To read and accept our risk declaration information prior to participating in activities on the day or your activity. We can email those to you in advance if requested, you will automatically be emailed a copy once you accept them.

Photo use 

At the same time as accepting our risk declaration you will also have to accept our photo use policy. We have found the easiest way to share your photos with you is via Facebook and that means we are able to share your photos with you for FREE as it doesn’t take use too long to upload the images. The other methods of photo sharing are too time consuming and we would not then be able to give you the photos for free as we’d need to cover that staff time.

As such you will accept that we can use and share your photos on any social media we choose and use the photos in any marketing by us or our partner business. If you have any problem with the above photo use then, you need to inform us, prior to accepting our agreements at the start of the activity, so we may have the option of considering legitimate exceptions to our photo use for you.


Payment may be made by all major credit and debit cards over the phone, online on our website, bank transfer to our account 09-01-28 03844875 ensuring you note your transfer with your name or by mailing us a cheque, payable to Full On Adventure Ltd and enclosed with your booking form; sent to our office address: Full On Adventure Ltd, Adhara, Carrbridge, Inverness-shire, PH23 3AX.