Nordic ski touring on forest trails of the Cairngorms National Park near Aviemore

Ski Touring on forest tracks

Ski touring is good for people who have down hill skied and for people who have never skied. Basically it is a great way to get about when the ground has a covering of snow and is one of the only ways to get around when it is deep snow. You can walk enjoying the views and quite calm of the forest or you can run and use this as a great way to keep fit in the winter.

When the down hill skiing is closed due to high winds the weather is the Glens, in the forests and open areas is normally fine. If there is snow cover, then you can use XC  skis that allow you to travel with ease, either walking or running over the snow. Some times you travel in prepared tracks and other times you just head in which ever direction takes you fancy.

Cross Country Skiing is a great way to discover places that you just couldn’t go when there isn’t snow covering the forest floor. Boggy marshes turn into beautiful clearings that you can cross with ease, forest tracks turn into fun descents that you can simply glide along once we show you some easy to learn technics. If you’re needing a rest day from down hill skiing this is the perfect activity, as it is low impact, great for all ages and just a fun winter activity.