Scottish Winter Skills to enjoy the winter Mountains more

Winter Mountaineering

Based in Aviemore near Inverness, Full On Adventure is at the hub of the Cairngorms national park and winter mountaineering scene. The four types of winter mountaineering course we offer are: 'Winter Walking Skills', 'Guided Scottish Winter Ice Climbing with coaching', 'Guided Ski Mountaineering with coaching', 'Ski touring on woodland tracks'.


  • The Winter walking skills course focuses on transfer of knowledge, the course will introduce and develop your winter skills so that you can get out in Scottish winter conditions with more confidence and safety to achieve your goals. If you looking more for a guide mountain walking trip then take a look at our Classic Cairngorm Mountains adventure journey as we can run that for winter conditions.


  • Scottish Ski Mountaineering is aimed at introducing you to this ideal way to travel in the Scottish Mountains in winter. We’ll look at ski technique, navigation on skis and safe travel in Scottish winter conditions. This is the ideal first step prior to ski mountaineering in the higher ranges around the globe. Prior on piste skiing experience is needed, contact us to discuss your experience and suitability of this course.


  • Scottish Winter Ice Climbing. Join one of our Mountain Instructor Certified guides on a 1:2 instructor to client ratio and learn how to climb in winter conditions in Scotland. Ideal for summer climbers wishing to get into winter climbing, or winter walkers wanting to get into climbing graded routes in the winter. Ice climbing, snow climbing and everything that Scotland can throw into the mix, that makes Scottish Winter climbing.


  • Ski Touring on forest tracks. This is using light weight touring boots and skis with climbing scales, so that you can go up and down hill, along the forest trails of the Cairngorms.  The course shows you the techinics needed and covers everything you need to know to get out ski touring, this is also a good course for people who have never skied before as no prior skiing experience is needed.
  • Safe travel in Scottish Winter Mountains takes practice of skills
  • Skinning up to ski down on a Ski mountaineering course
  • Ice climbing in the Cairngorms
  • Nordic ski touring on forest trails of the Cairngorms National Park near Aviemore