Travelling the world and white water rafting

Raft guiding

Learn and qualify to be a raft guide. During the week we raft as many different white water rivers as we can, making the course both exciting and interesting and it means you'll gain a diversity in your raft guiding skills that will allow you to work around the world. We deliver the most internationally recognised course which is the IRF (International Federation of Rafting) guides course combined with Rescue 3 White Water Rescue qualification which is also a prerequisite to raft guide work around the world.

International Rafting Federation (IRF)   raft guide training course is designed for people who wish to work as professional river guides.

It is also a fun way to spend a week if you simply want to take an adventurous holiday, where you learn new skills, even if it is just for fun or for a bit of weekend work out of the ordinary.

The course gives a thorough training in all aspects of raft guiding and is delivered by internationally experienced and current rafting trainers.

Our courses deliver two training qualifications in one course.

At the end of our training course which is 5 days in duration you will have been trained as a IRF guide and a White Water Rescue technician (rescue 3 qualification). This is by far the best value way of taking these courses and means you are dealing with the Rescue 3 content in the context of White Water Raft guiding not as often delivered from the prospective of for example a fire brigade person attending a un rafting related water incident.

After 5 days of training you can if at the appropriate level undertake our 1 day assessment which is scheduled for the day after the training course. So basically this is a 6 day course to obtain the certification of qualified guide. There are different levels of raft guide which will be explained along with the path way during your course with us. We also give you all the contacts you need to find employment as a guide and as our trainers are internationally experienced they can also give you the heads up on how to gain raft guide work overseas.

Our Raft guide courses are based in the Scottish Highlands near Aviemore and the training is provided by a BCU level 5 raft guide coach who is also a IRF trainer / assessor and who has worked and trained extensively around the world and currently competes for Great Britain in world rafting championships.

Typical Itinerary

Raft Guide levels.

We run the International Rafting Federation course and our course also includes the Rescue 3 Swift Water Rescue course.

1.           Trainee raft guide Level 1

This is the normal outcome for someone new to raft guiding. You gain alot of new experience during the training course but before you can work as a fully  licensed guide you need to gain more experience by sitting on trips with another guide in the raft with you.

Those with prior White Water kayaking experience and outdoor group leadership have been able to achieve level 2 with out prior rafting experience but that is only guidance every candidate must demonstate their own skill level inorder to achieve that outcome.

At the end of the 5 days of training you will be given a report by your trainer detailing the additional experience you need and how to get it.

2.           Level 2 Licensed Guide. 

Level 2 will give you a fully qualified license to work as a guide within the scope of your experience.

3.  Trip Leader also known as level 3.

This is for experienced guides who then undertake assessment to work as the lead guide on rafting trips, TL's are in overall charge of all on river aspects of raft trips. By the time you are ready for assessment you will know what being a TL involves.