Riding position and drop off skills all part of MTB skills courses

Mountain Biking Skills

Our qualified MTB instructors have the skills, the coaching experience and the local knowledge to take your biking to the next level.

We run single and multi day skill development courses for Mountain Biking.

Using the single track trails and fantastic terrain, where we are based in the Cairngorms national park, our guides will develop your riding skills so that you can get the most out of your riding.

We can use all wild trails or some of the excellent man made riding trails and features to coach your biking and ensure your confidence and skill build.

We have a purpose built skills course designed to coach and session mtb riding skills needed on the mountain trails and biking courses.

Skills we cover depending on your aspirations and the type of riding you want to do could include:

  • technique for climbing and descenting loose or rocky terrain
  • cornering at speed on loose ground, switch backs and burms
  • drop offs
  • bunny hops / wheelie hops
  • jumps
  • riding table tops and doubles
  • steep rocky descents

You can book one day or get a multi-day discounted price.

We also offer qualification courses for leading MTBing. See our qualification courses page for SMBLA Mountain Bike leadership courses.