Canoeing on River Spey near Aviemore in Cairngorms National Park

Canoeing skills

All round canoe skills course. Rivers, lochs, rapids and open water travel. Skills and safe navigation, from beginner to proficient independent canoeist.

This is the way to travel, independent, wild and free. The canoe can take you places in a relaxed or exciting way that is an experience to the savoured. Canoeing truly is about the journey not the destination.

A five day Full On Adventure course will take you form beginner or new canoeist to a proficient all round paddler. A two day course will develop your skills and give you a good idea or the right steps to take next.

Skills to learn on our canoe course include

  • The strokes
  • Canoe control on open water such as lochs
  • Canoe control on rivers, reading the river
  • Rescue, Self Rescue and Safety when canoeing
  • Poling, Lining and tracking
  • Canoe Sailing

You paddle through some stunning highland scenery during the week, paddling down rivers, crossing lochs and gaining the all round knowledge and skills needed to take up the sport of canoeing for you, your friends or family.