Rafting in Nepal

Rafting or kayaking in Nepal

14 Day Wild Multi Day White Water Rafting or Guided Kayaking and Reserve Safari in Nepal. 7 days on Karnali River, 3 days in Bardia National Park and 2 days to explore the temples and culture of Kathmandu. This Rafting trip takes you to the remote west so we allow some time to travel across Nepal either by internal flight or bus ride cross country, you can choose.

Nepal’s longest and biggest volume river, the Karnali, runs from the base of Mt. Kailash in Tibet, the center of the universe for both the Buddhist and Hindu religions. Running through the Himalayas it drains a huge area of western Nepal. The Karnali provides a classic expedition into Nepal’s remote, “Wild West”. We spend 7 days on the river and as with all our multi-day rafting trips, great food and stunning scenery along the way are included as standard. Then 3 days in Bardia  National Park to relax in rustic traditional Jungle lodges with excellent food and a range of guided wildlife excursions available to choose from.

Typical Itinerary

Days 1 & 2. After an amazing journey across Nepal we join the river by the village of Sauli and paddle a short distance before making our first, of many, camps on pristine soft sandy beaches on the river banks. Some people will wish to camp out under the stars with the shelter of a large tarp slung over the raft on it's side, a great way to enjoy the out there experience. Tents are available if you prefer.

Day 3. This day is the warm up white water day, grade 3-3+ rapids with a big and fast feel start to give you a taster for what's to come. Pulling over on a beach for lunch the friendly and expert guides prepare a great lunch for you. At the end of the first day we make camp on another beach and build a great camp fire to sit around during the evening, plenty of relaxed time to catch up with old friends and get to the know your new rafting buddies.

Day 4. The river drops into imposing scarcely populated canyons filled with powerful white water rapids 4-4+. Today you'll see why people call this one of the finest BIG volume river trips in the world.

Day 5. The third day on the river includes some of the famous rapids such Gods' House, Jail House and so on, you get the idea. We'll be surprised if you've experienced white water this big, huge holes to avoid, great rapids, makes for an exciting day with expert guides to keep you on the sweet line.

Day 6. A chance to kick back and start enjoying the scenery around you, as the river eases into the second more gentle part of this journey. With traditional unspoilt villages and native life along the river banks you'll see people fishing in dug out wooden canoes, we were able to get fresh fish from them to eat one evening along with the local fire water Rocshi. Rocshi is made in villages all over Nepal and is a wine of sorts, not to everyone's taste but worth a try. If you pre-order beers before heading to the river, the guides can pack bottles of beer or other drinks to keep you refreshed during the evening. I recommend Gurkha beer although Nepali Ice and Everest beer are also popular. To save weight and space the most popular option is Rum and Coke.

Day 7. We pass the confluence with the Seti River adding even more water to this great river, so although now easy water you are still moving quickly down river. If you have been inspired by seeing the safety kayakers in action, ask the guides for some supervised instruction, or take over the raft and learn about the river. If you enjoyed your shot at guiding why not come on a Full On Adventure raft guide course when you get home. We enjoy playing beach volley ball on the way down the river, with such soft sand it is the perfect place to give it a go.

Day 8.  Towards the end of the trip as the river gradient begins to ease and the jungle thickens the Karnali leaves the mountains and flows out into the Gigantic plains of the Terai. Where most people who raft this river get out, at the first road bridge, we often stop for lunch and then continue down into the Bardia national park. Our jungle guides will meet you with refreshments and lead you on foot to the great forest hideaway lodges that are the perfect place to get your first shower for a while and relax for a few days.

Days 9-13 To versions of the second half of the trip are available, for rafters we recommend the following jungle safari options but for those who are in Nepal to kayak we will travel back to Kathmandu via Pokara where we'll stay and take in some more rivers for the rest of our trip.

Jungle Safari option (recommend for those who have rafted Karnali or those kayakers who want a more relaxing second half of your trip, perhaps with the non-paddlers of your group. )

Days 9-11 Bardia National Park in the western Terai provides some of the best wildlife and nature viewing places in Asia. Visit a wonderful world of lush sub-tropical jungles, tall elephant grass, lakes and rivers - home to some of the most endangered animals on earth, the elusive tiger and the prehistoric rhinoceros, including many species of mammals, birds, insects and reptiles. Tour by elephant back, jeep and boat. Savor the forest and its unique sanctuary on a quite nature walk with a local guide. On our last trip here we saw crocodiles from our raft, luckily just the fish eating ones and as the river is flat here we are safely able to keep safely in the Raft. Then after walking from the raft to a jungle viewing tower we saw a wild bull elephant. On a day walking with a jungle guide we saw signs of where the Tigers had been a few hours earlier, some people are lucky enough to spot them but like all things in the wild you never know exactly what you'll see, at the end of our day we spotted two of the rare one horned Rhinos.

Day 12 Today we drive by jeep seeing traditional western Nepali village life on route to the airport from where you catch a small plane across Nepal back to Kathmandu. The plane flight is quite something with stunning mountain views out the window all the way, try to sit on the left side of the plane, often it is possible to look out of the front window and chat to the pilot of these propeller driven planes.

Day 13 & 14 Two days to enjoy Kathmandu or surrounding area, ask us about mountain biking over night adventures as an add on to your trip or explore the many cultural experiences that Kathmandu has to offer.