Learn aerial manoeuvres in your kayak

Play kayak on the Ottawa Canada

Canada's Ottawa is simply one of the worlds best rivers for warm water play boating. We make it easy by providing everything you need right by the river. Just like a Ski Holiday with a fully catered chalet service, that is what we offer kayakers who book our Ottawa trip. Our BCU level 5 white water coach is there to teach you new skills and guide you. Along with local expert play boaters you'll experience the best this river has to offer.

Airport transfers from Ottawa International airport are included in this trip.

Door to door service from when you touch down to comfortable chalet and returning you at the end of the week. We have a enclosed boat trailer for your kayak or we can hire you the latest play kayaks to save you flying with yours.

You can eat 3 hot meals a day, even bbq each bay by the river.

Our guides are BCU level 5 coach and local play boaters, so you know the high standard of coaching you’ll recieve. We are the only company offering BCU level 5 coaching on the Ottawa.

We offer 7 days of paddling, coaching all transport and shuttles.

We offer special deals to clubs booking a group of 6 or more paddlers.

We offer pre-trip skills courses in Scotland or local to you if you are a group from the UK, in order to get you ready for the trip. But this is actually a good trip for mixed ability groups because the lines on the Ottawa are wide and it is a big but friendly river, when you know where to go.