IMBA Epic: Seven Summits Trail - Rossland, BC

Mountain Bike the epic trails of BC Canada

BC Canada is famous for its great Mountain Biking. We spend 14 days riding at a number of amazing venues across British Columbia, including 6 days in Whistler. We have a 4wd shuttle vehicle with us the whole time and secure enclosed bike trailer for your bikes. We pick you up from Calgary airport and drop you off at Vancouver airport or return to Calgary. Chair lift access for rides, 4wd shuttle for rides and/or XC. Our guides for full 14 days to show you the best rides, it's your trip so you can choose the type of riding ie down hill, all mountain, freeride or XC.

The last few years Full On Adventure guides have been riding loads of trails across BC and checking out the cool places to stay, eat and drink.

BC is covered by forest and so I guess it is natural they have used allot of wooden features in their trails,  downed tree teeter-totters, seesaws and skinnys.  With stunning views, the remains of old growth forest create a mystic feel to many places and the massive old stumps even get incorporated into the trail. Another feature which we love about BC riding are the rocky slabs, lots of them and seamlessly incorporated into the trails.

We ride the trails that the locals didn’t even know we knew about, the classics and the IMBA epics. As well as all pedal power cross country trails, we use a mixture of 4WD shuttle uplift and chair lift access so that you can get the maximum miles in. The most suitable bike for this trip is an all mountain bike, but you’d also be fine with a cross country or a down hill bike with the option to hire alternative bikes when needed. Pretty much it comes down to your riding style, your aspirations and how you want to do it. If you want to down hill every day, that is doable, if you want to cross country each day that is doable, most of us mix it up. With so much awesome trail to ride this trip will exceed your wildest expectations.

Typical Itinerary

14 days of MTB riding,  plus allow time each end for flights. We can run shorter and longer trips for groups. This is just our typical itinerary but we are very happy to adapt it to suit your groups schedule and also to suit riding styles.

Fly to Calgary (departure is from Vancouver)

We pick you up from the airport and travel to Fernie.

Riding days

Day 1 Fernie.

Lift accessed trails, we use the chair lifts to access the extensive trails. Being day 1 some will want to take it easy so with so many trails to choose from that works.

Day 2 Fernie.

More uplift riding or the cross country trails on the other side of the valley. There is extensive riding at Fernie of both the lift access and wild XC single track so the choice is yours. Our guides are available every day of the trip to show you the best stuff.

Evening travel to Nelson.

Day 3 Nelson.

One of our favorite places in BC, in Nelson we use our 4wd to access the trails. The extensive trails are reached by driving up logging roads and our driver will take you up as many times as you can handle, so all you need to do is enjoy the riding whilst our driver does the work ferrying you back up.

Nelson is a cool arty town with real character, there are a really wide range of restaurants, cafes and shops to check out in the evening.

Day 4 Nelson.

With so many good trails a second day here is a must, there are several different areas, so most people hit another area of Nelson on the second day.

Evening travel to Rossland.

Day 5 Rossland.

Famous for IMBAs' (international mountain bicycling association) epic ride, The Seven Summits.

IMBA says 'Adventurous mountain bikers will be thrilled by the Seven Summits trail in Rossland. This point-to-point adventure holds over 30 kilometers (19 miles) of rolling single-track with beautiful mountain vistas, some steep ascents and thrilling descents. The sinewy trail follows ridge lines, affording views of the Columbia River Valley and the Southern Selkirk Mountains, and challenging riders with technical sub-alpine terrain.'

We shuttle you to the start and finish points as although some enjoy adding the return road ride to the journey, we think you have to be nuts! Trust me you will not need more after this ride.

Day 6 Recover from Seven Summits and ride some more cool trails

Whilst famous for Seven Summits trail there is stacks of other great riding here. It took us a while to find the trails but now we a clued in on them, with us to shuttle you, you'll discover some great riding.

Some groups split for riding in Rossland, with some people wanting the challenge of doing the Seven Summits trail and others wanting a more relaxed time riding the trails that we shuttle you on.

Drive to Silver Star.

Day 7 Silver Star, Venon.

The lift access trails here offer what we see as the best learning place we've come across for technical BC single track riding, with all kinds of North shore to practice on the way down the trails, it is progressive in difficulty letting you learn the skills and build confidence that will help you on other trails. For those already shredding the kn-arr there are plenty of pushy trails to let rip on.

Travel to Sun Peaks.

Day 8 Sun Peaks.

More great lift accessed trails, some are very steep indeed but don't worry, something for everyone.

Travel to Whistler.

Days 9-13 Whistler for 5 days, 6 nights

Justifiably famous for mountain biking, you have the riding park, with its massive amount of awesome trails. We recommend hiring a down hill bike here, yes you can ride the trails on your all mountain bike, but this is down hill heaven why not give it a go, we think you're be hooked. Warning you'll probably want to buy a down hill bike after Whistler, its that much fun.

Whistler has much more than the down hill park, there is actually enough XC to keep you going for the full 5 days, including loads of famous trails close to town and another IMBA epic ride, Comfortably Numb. Many groups spend half the days in the down hill park and half the days doing Whistlers other riding, using our local guides knowledge. In the down hill park our guides can run specialist skills courses in skills like drop offs, jumps and basically getting the most out of your riding time at Whistler.

IMBA says ' Comfortably Numb is a must-do ride for technically advanced cyclists. Long climbs, challenging rock faces, elevated bridges and spectacular views combine for a continually thrilling experience. The trail meanders in and out of old growth primeval Coastal Western Hemlock ecosystems and granite rock gardens, finally plunging into the valley bottom at Lost Lake Park. By itself, the trail is worth the trip.'

With so much great riding in Whistler, you're going to love the chalet accommodation we use on the 'All in trip' to relax at, we have a hot tub to chill in, sun deck and great food all provided for 5 of the 6 nights in Whistler. The cooks night off, allows you to choose from some great places to eat out.

Day 14 Travel to Vancouver and ride North Shore.

Day 15 Fly out from Vancouver, if you have a late flight you might even squeeze in another ride on the North Shore.