Scottish back country skiing in the Cairngorm Mountains

Ultimate year out world adventure tour.

1 year of learning new adventure sports and traveling the world taking part in outdoor adventures. Scotland, Canada, Spain, Nepal and New Zealand.


A guided year of Adventure Sports.

One whole year of totally absorbing yourself in the adventure sports you love to do.

No experience is needed as full guiding and coaching is given by world class guides.

Qualifications can also be gained on this course that will allow you to work in the outdoor adventure guiding industry following the year however the priority is not collecting bits of paper but making you experts who can easily get the bits of paper if you wish to become a profesional guide or simply have the skills to enjoy the best holidays and life adventures on this planet.

The value of this type of year is not measured in qualifications but rather the adventure skills, experience and confidence you gain.

  • Length: 1 year
  • Cost:  £15000
  • Location: Scotland, Canada, Spain, Nepal and New Zealand.
  • Activities: White Water Rafting, White Water Kayaking, Canyoning, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Canoeing expeditions, Trek.

International destinations are chosen so as to allow the purchase of a round-world ticket which reduces flight costs.





Typical Itinerary

6 Phases of Adventure.


Phase 1. 'Fundamental Adventure Skills'

Sept 1 to 31oct. (average 5 days a week contact time)

Location: Scotland

Module 1, 'River and Expedition Canoe skills' course.

Expedition planning for Nepal Phase 2 of course.

Module 2, Mountain Biking single track and skills.

Module 3, Raft Guide training (no prior rafting experience is needed this is an introduction of white water rivers and raft guiding).

Module 4, Mountain skills.

Module 5, White Water Kayaking skills.



Phase 2  Overseas Expedition 'Nepal'.

Location: Nepal

1 Nov-20Dec

Module 1 White Water Raft - multi day trip Sunkosi or Kanali rivers.

Module 2 Trek-multi day-destination decided as a group during planning in Phase 1 of the course.

Module 3 White Water River Kayak (intro to nepali river kayaking)

Time between modules allows for exploring other aspects of nepal, cultural and sporting. For example taking part in Mountain biking or Tandem Hang gliding, Safaris. Note 'day off' activities are at your own cost but rates are normally very affordable in Nepal.



Phase 3 Mountain Biking , Sea Kayaking and other adventures in New Zealand

21 Dec to 10 Feb

Location: New Zealand.

Module 1: Mountain biking road trip around New Zealand taking in the best they have.

Module 2: Sea kayak touring.

Time off will be allowed for those wishing to do other activities in NZ at your own cost.



Phase 4 Back Country Snow Sports in Canada BC / Alberta.

11 Feb to  4 march

Module 1 Ski / Snow Boarding skills.

Module 2 Avalanche safety training course for back country recreation.

Module 3 Back Country ski / snow boarding skills and experience.



Phase 5 Climbing in Spain

Location: Spain

5 march to 30 April

Module 1 Introduction to Climbing, safety and technique

Module 2 Gain personal climbing experience



Phase 6 UK adventure and experience.

Location Scotland

1 June to 31 August

During this period we will give intensive training in skills followed by periods of time for the group to undertake remote expeditions and gain experience in the Scottish highlands Kayaking, Canoeing, Canyoning, Mountain Biking and Hiking.

Module 1 Canyoning technique and safety training

Module 2 Mountain Walking, expeditions and Scrambling experience.

Module 3 Kayak and Canoe expeditions and further experience.