Kayaking near Whistler, British Columbia

River and Water Sports Pro Skills Development Course

Learn to kayak on lochs, rivers and sea. Open canadian canoe expeditions. White Water Rafting and guide training. No experience is neccessary as we cover everything you need to know in practical progressions to take you from beginner to fully proficient and safe. For you who have already some experience we develop that skill and take you to the next level. These skills are for life, opening up amazing opportunies for adventure and outdoor lifestyle.

Over 10 weeks we cover the sports of Kayaking, both White Water kayaking, Sea kayaking and kayak touring. We also teach the skills of Canadian style Canoeing, in open canoes used for expeditions on lochs, lakes and rivers. It also covers White Water Rafting. This is the prerequisite course to becoming a kayak and/or canoe instructor, becoming a international raft guide and living the dream of doing your sport for your career.

Typical Itinerary

Week 1, Based in Scotland.

Introduction to Canoeing, Rafting, Flat Water, River and Sea kayaking. Hostel based.

Each day we take one of those sports and spend the day getting the first experience or gauging where you are at and coming up with a development plan for you in that sport.

Week 2, Based in Scotland. River Kayaking. Hostel based.

We start easy and build up to running rapids. A full week a fun kayaking. We start teaching you how to kayak roll so that you can get he most out of the rest of the course.

Week 3, Based in Scotland, East and West Coast Sea kayaking. Hostel and Camping.

We start in sheltered waters and build on your skills and then spend 3 days away on a camping expedition, hopefully taking in some Scottish Islands and developing your independency skills like navigation as well as kayak control. Learning about the weather, how it effects your planning and route choices.

Week 4, Based in Scotland we under take a 5 day canoe journey. Hostel and Camping.

Linking Lochs and Rivers, we learn the skills of Canoe Paddling, Lining, Poling and even sailing the canoes this week will also be largely camping based.

Week 5, Based in Scotland Intermediate White Water Kayaking week. Hostel based.

So now we step it up a gear, develop your skills, hone that Eskimo roll, start enjoying grade 3 or above white water. By the end of the week you will be ready for the international white water kayaking trip coming up later in the course.

Week 6, Based in Scotland. Raft Guide training course. Hostel Based.

You will apply your river knowledge already learnt, but now you‚¬„¢ll be guiding a White Water Raft, with your fellow students taking turns to guide or crew through the rapids of some of Scotland‚¬„¢s best White Water Rafting rivers.

Week 7, Based in Scotland, River Rescue and Aquatic first aid courses.

Essential skills for any river ‚¬ËœPro‚¬„¢, you‚¬„¢ll take the internationally recognized Rescue 3 Swift Water Rescue course over 3 days. Then 2 days of essential first aid but designed especially for the aquatic environment. This is an excellent basic course and if you want to start doing lots of over seas expdetions to remote areas we would recommend at a later stage taking the Wilderness 7 day first aid course.

Weeks 8-10, Canada Expedition.

Over the last 7 weeks you will have come up with and planned this trip, where you want to go and what you want to do and achieve. Our internationally experience guides will be able to make lots of suggestions and help you all the way, but this is going to be your expedition. Whether it is White Water Kayaking road trip in Canada, as a group you will have planned it. Sea kayaking of Vancouver Island or a canoe journey down one of Canada‚¬„¢s great remote northern rivers or a few things mixed up. Our guides will accompany you on the trip for safety and because they have expert in country knowledge and contacts. Over the duration expedition they will continue to coach and develop your skills, but the entire experience will give you confidence and in-site into so much more than the skills you need to under take this trip of a life time. All outdoor equipment needed, guiding, in country tranport and self catering accommodation/camping gear on the trip is included in the course cost. Budget around £500 extra for the flights and allow for other costs on this trip. You‚¬„¢ll need to arrange your own travel insurance and pay for your own food as with the rest of the course.