Sea Kayaking on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Sea Kayak

Sea kayaking has to be one of the best ways to explore Scotland. Views of the mountains, abundant wildlife, remote wild islands and the remains of historic settlements.

What makes Scotland so special for sea kayaking is the diversity of landscapes, the mix of geology, the rich cultural past with its evidence everywhere. Basalt columns reaching straight out of the sea above you, rock arches, caves which in the right conditions you can paddle into. Bird life everywhere and sea mammals like Dolphins, Seals, Minke Whales, Porpoises and the enormous Basking Sharks.

Empty sandy beaches and on a good day you’ll really wonder at the spectacular scenery which is simply awesome.

We run several adventure journey by sea kayak all around the highlands of Scotland, Skye, West Coast, East coast, Moray Firth, all special and varied.

Choose from

  • Sea kayak, over night camping trips
  • Sea kayaking on Skye in good accommodation
  • Sea kayaking on Scotland’s West coast in good accommodation
  • Adventure Day, Dolphins and Sea kayaking on the Moray firth
  • Full On Adventure’s Sea kayaking with Orcas expedition to BC Canada.
  • Sea kayak overnight trips get you away from it all
  • Sea kayaking on Skye an excellent choice
  • The best place in the world to sea kayak, Scottish West coast