Mountain biking on single track, guided wild trails in the Cairngorms

Mountain Biking Aviemore

Aviemore is surrounded by ancient forests, beautiful glens and wild mountain tracks. With the local knowledge of our expert bike guides you'll soon be finding out why the Cairngorms are the jewel in the crown when it comes to mountain biking in Scotland.

Mountain Biking Adventure Day

Cairngorms Single Track

With loads of amazing wild locations around the Cairngorms we can give you a real diversity of riding if you’re with us mountain biking for a few days or a week. Have you ridden down through heather with no path? It’s like skiing, and with our new internal hub bikes you no longer need to worry about taking off the rear mech, so bring on the good times!

Most of the time we prefer to have single track and whether that is in the forest or the open mountains, it’s all good. We teach good riding techniques that leave the ground as we find it, respect the environment and over all take you to the places that we know will blow you away.