Canyoning is a must do adrenaline sport; fresh mountain water splashing in your face as you take on huge jumps into natural rock pools, swim under waterfalls and cascading down natural rock slides.

What is canyoning?

The original, real-deal, extreme, water and rock adventure. Our Canyon has Mega natural water slides, big pool jumps (all optional with ways around if you wish) and fantastic waterfalls.

Ideal for adventure seeking adults and older teenagers but can be suitable for water confident younger folks, just ask us when booking.

Why Canyoning from Aviemore?

We started Canyoning 20 years ago as a low water alternative to our White Water Rafting when the rivers were too low for that activity. As an experienced white water creek kayaker, our founder John Mason discovered many of the most popular Canyoning venues, in Scotland, whilst looking for new rivers to kayak. Often if a river was no good for steap creek kayaking, it ended up good for Canyoning. To this day our staff love Canyoning, it is often their goto on days off. We also now have other alternative to Rafting or Canyoning which is our awesome hydrid activity called White Water River Tubing. The closest great Canyon,  is a 45minute drive west from Aviemore. So if you’d like an activity closer to Aviemore which is every bit as exciting as Canyoning, then i’d recommend White Water River Tubing for sure.

  • £65pp Canyoning experience
  • Note if 5 or less people the price is £75pp
  • This is because we only use the best venue and best guides and this costs money to do.
  • If 12+ people we offer group rate of £55pp
  • Do both White Water Rafting or Tubing and Canyoning from £110pp

Price Includes

  • The best quality equipment including
  • 5mm full wetsuits if cold 3mm additional jackets on top of the 5mm so 8mm when cold.
  • wetsuit socks
  • watersports gloves
  • protective shorts
  • Best guides in Scotland!

Price Does not Include

  • Transport unless booked in advance, enquire for details
  • You need your own towels, old trainers recommend.