Full On Adventure, Aviemore, Cairngorm National Park

XC skiing in all the new SNOW

xc ski heather and snow in the Scottish highlands

This is the video from 12 march 2011 xc skiing day, snowand heather!

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Why does all the Snow in Aviemore make for sensational White Water Rafting?!

When stag and hen dos are deciding where to go for an adventure weekend,  it might be useful to know more about why Aviemore rates so highly as a White Water Raftinglocation. Read More…

Snow hits Aviemore

Had some brilliant skiing on Cairngorm last monday and great news that last years season pass was still good!

We have 18 lads on a Stag weekend tomorrow which was White Water Rafting but with the 5inches of fresh powder and -6 temps on the mountain the river is almost empty. No worries though because we now have a big stock of Nordic skis so we going to hitting the Snowy ski trails near Aviemore tomorrow.

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Ski/Snowboard Adventure Day

We have qualified and experienced ski and snow board instructors, so for the best all day tuition in snow sports Full On Adventure is the place.

It’s Scotland so when we have good snow and clear visibility it is beautiful. But the reality of our Scottish climate means that it isn’t always good for snow sports; so unlike other ski/boarding schools we can offer back up activities for times when the ski areas are closed due to high winds or no snow.

In fact when the snow melts suddenly, our White Water Rafting is excellent. When its super windy on the ski mountain our mountain bike forest trails are ideal for either our xc skiingor Mountain Biking. So when you book with Full On Adventure we can always give you a great holiday what ever the weather!

River Tubing is now ON!!!!

Well as you’ll see from the photo we’ve been river tubing already back in the snow over the winter.
Fact is right now we could have hot sunshine or snow but the rivers are flowing so Adventure Tubing and WW Rafting are all on and at great levels!

We have lots of brand new extra warm gear including: new gloves, new thick wetsuits, new thick wetsuit socks, new shoes and all the good quality water/wind proof tops have in stock so what ever the weather you’ll be warm and having fun.


Back Country Adventure Canada

Winter – Back Country Skiing in BC, Canada.

Imagine a place with the lightest powder snow in the world, a place with 13m+ of average annual snow fall, a place with masses of easily accessed back country skiing where fresh tracks in perfect powder are the norm not the exception.

I’m talking about Interior BC, the Kootenay region to be more precise. For those new to British Columbia or Canadian skiing heres a little information about how the snow varies hugely across the province of BC  both in type of snow and amount. On the west around Whistler they get a lot of snow given the west coast location but most of the time that snow is heavy and wet and the chance of seeing the sun is ‘unlikely’. On the other side of BC in the east and where Alberta adjoins BC the snow can be much lighter but places like the popular resort of Lake Louise hardly see any snow falls, sometimes months can go by with none at all. So Lake louise can be good for a sunny piste based family ski trip, if you rap up warm, but if you want powder snow on a regular basis, forget it.

The Banff resorts, in the Rockys, also see very cold temperatures which often leads to a very unstable snow pack in respect to back country skiing.

Fernie in the southern rockies is better in regard to snow pack and can get big dumps of powder, it has a great resort however there is limited touring around Fernie and the snow falls come much less often than in the Kootenays. Fernie is also very popular with skiers from Calgary and Europe, so don’t expect to get fresh tracks unless you are very lucky.

Ok so in the middle of BC, the Kootenay region, you get the highest volume of snow even more than the west coast and it is a much drier snow. The snow in the Kootenays is famously light and fluffy, it sparkles when blown into the air from trees or the hand. Because the temperatures in the Kootenays are much more often in the +2 to -10 degrees Celsius range the snow pack tends to bond into a more stable pack, than for example the Rockies and combined with the lightness and frequency of the snow falls, this leads to many days of ideal back country conditions every season. As a bonus the Kootenays sees much less skier traffic than the more well known Canadian resort areas like Whistler, Banff, Fernie for example, due to those areas being close to the major cities and airports of Vancouver and Calgary. So to get to the Kootenays means a days travel at each end of your trip, but if your coming for Epic Back Country Skiing, your travel will be rewarded by many more excellent ski days than the closer areas.

You’ll see from our Itinerary for this trip that we break down the journey to maximise your time skiing and to minimise long travel distances.

In summary the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada, has the best snow in the world and easy access to it for ski touring, basically a ski touring paradise.












Creek Kayak in Washington state in November

So its that time of year when the Full On Adventure guides get to go on adventures.

We still answer enquiries by email but the phones are off until the spring so we all get to play and ensure we are at the cutting edge of adventure.

We are still open for group bookings in the winter but book ahead as we don’t do last minute in the winter as we are away on adventures.

Right now owner John Mason is creek kayaking in washington state, USA. Whilst the snow falls on the the mountains the north west coast of the states has a climate much like Scotlands in the auturm, plenty of rain means great kayaking.

Then when the snow comes in force it will be up to Canada for the back country skiing.

Here are some head cam videos from this weeks adventures

First Cascade creek

the following day the Robe Canyon of the R. Stilli




Full On Adventure Canada BC 2

1 week and 100cm later it is still snowing.

Back country skiing is just getting better and better here.


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Full On Adventure in Canada

Full On Adventure owner John Mason is backcountry skiing in BC, Canada for the winter. John has been exploring the outstanding province of British Columbia for over ten years on back country skis. Read More…

White Water Rafting on the Findhorn on Aviemore Stag do.

Here’s the video of White Water rafting trip on the 19 March for Gary’s Stag Do.

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