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Snow hits Aviemore

Had some brilliant skiing on Cairngorm last monday and great news that last years season pass was still good!

We have 18 lads on a Stag weekend tomorrow which was White Water Rafting but with the 5inches of fresh powder and -6 temps on the mountain the river is almost empty. No worries though because we now have a big stock of Nordic skis so we going to hitting the Snowy ski trails near Aviemore tomorrow.

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Important information you need to read before your activity

We will ask you to indicate you accept our Risk Declaration when you arrive for our activities.

Risk Declaration

As with any sport/leisure activity there are hazards associated with Full On Adventure outdoor activities. It is important for the safety of everyone taking part that each participant is acquainted with those hazards and individually takes all relevant action to minimise those hazards as much as possible.

I understand that:

  • Outdoor adventure activities are physically and mentally intense and may require extreme exertion.
  • The possibility of injury to myself exists.
  • I may get wet and cold.
  • Participation in our activities can cause bruising and stiffness.
  • If I take off my equipment I will be putting myself in danger.
  • If I don’t listen and follow the guide’s instructions I will be putting myself in danger.
  • Moving water is dangerous and that ultimately there is a risk of drowning.
  • Cars are parked at the owners own risk.
  • Full On Adventure does not accept responsibility for valuables lost or damaged during activities or at the activity sites.

I confirm and agree that:

  1. I am physically fit and mentally able to take the strain and exertion involved in the activities which I plan to undertake with Full On Adventure.
  2. I have no medical condition that would prevent me from taking part in the planned activities. (Please make your guide aware if you use any medical aid or may require medication)
  3. I am fully aware of the risk to myself and others involved in these adventure activities.
  4. I will comply with the rules and use all equipment as instructed.
  5. I will obey all instructions from the guides.
  6. I will listen to and ask if I need additional explanation so that I understand the safety briefing.

I accept the inherent risk of injury that all Full On Adventure outdoor adventure activities entail and waive any claim that may result from my participation in these activities. I am also aware of what clothing, equipment or food that I need to bring with me.

We will ask you to indicate you accept this when you arrive for our activities. Parents will accept this on behalf of their children under 18 years old. For youth groups who bring under 18s without parents in attendance, we ask group leaders to check with parents first and ensure they are all happy for their children to participate in our adventure activities. Group leaders will sign this declaration of risk acceptance on behalf of themselves and all their group members, in the full understanding that they have undertaken to get the permission of all parents of the under 18s in their charge, to accept this risk declaration on their behalf and made parents aware of this risk declaration in advance of attendance.

What to Bring With You

Unless specified as included you will need packed lunch and drink for an active day. Mountain Cafe in Aviemore can supply very good pack lunches for collection on the morning of your activity, to order just email them direct, or telephone them on 01479 812473

For all activities:

  • Full set of spare dry clothes for all water sports
  • Sun cream and drinks for sunny weather
  • Waterproof or disposable cameras are ideal to record your adventures

Rafting & Canyoning

  • Towel
  • Spare trainers that will get wet
  • Swimming costume or shorts for under the wetsuits that we provide
  • Optional Thermals for cold weather

Family Rafting

For the gentle (not white water) rafting trip suitable for 5yrs+ there is no need to wear one of our wetsuits so just bring:

  • light waterproofs and comfortable clothing
  • Spare full set of clothing to change into afterwards (in case you do decide to get wet)
  • Footwear always gets wet so remember to bring spare trainers, socks and a towel

Mountain Biking

  • Thin grippy gloves, eye protective glasses
  • Small cycling or day rucksack to put you stuff in
  • Cycling padded shorts are a good idea especially for multi-day trips, otherwise just suitable clothing for the weather
  • We recommend carrying a light wind/waterproof top
  • Plenty of water. Hire bikes often do not have bottle cages which is why we recommend camel back or similar bladder systems in your rucksack
  • Energy snacks to keep up calorific intake


  • Towel, trainers are worn on water and will get wet so bring spare dry ones and socks.
  • For river kayaking bring same as listed here for Rafting.
  • For canoeing we recommend waterproofs such as you would use for hill walking, as it is easier to regulate your temperature in a front zipped mountain type jacket than in one of our canoe cags. Canoeing can be a mainly dry experience so often regular clothes are much more suitable than one of our wetsuits. If you prefer a wetsuit we can easily supply you with one and for more white water sections we might recommend it.

Sea Kayaking

Wetsuits are provided with cags, so just bring stuff for under or over that, based on likely weather. Swimming costume or shorts, towel, shoes will get wet so bring spare dry ones.

Ski and Snow Boarding

We provide the skis/boards, poles and boots so you need everything else. We always recommend for Scottish skiing, waterproof good jacket, waterproof trousers, 2 warm hats and gloves (2 hats in case one blows away). Goggles cannot be hired anywhere so bring your own or buy them on the day from the hire shop, cheap orange lens goggles are fine. It can be very unpleasant if not impossible to ski / board with out goggles at times. sun glasses are unlikely to be enough unless you get really good weather.

River Tubing

We provide everyone with Full Wetsuit, Wet Suit Socks and Wetsuit shoes (but we recommend you bring your own old trainers to wear over our socks, as more comfortable). We also provide gloves, buoyancy aids and helmets. So just bring along a large towel for changing and drying, swimming costume or shorts, old trainers that will get wet (optional)  and sport base layer / thermal base layer for under the wetsuits and any other layers you might like for comfort if cold weather like thin thermals (optional).

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting in the Scottish Highlands from our Aviemore base. We use the River Findhorn and occasionally the River Feshie if there’s been lots of rain. We also run mellow trips for 5yrs and up on the River Spey as family rafting scenic float trips.

Choose the best adventure for the river levels and time of year.

The River Feshie in the Cairngorms National Park (a favourite of white water kayakers) and most of the time better for White Water Tubing than White Water Rafting, we only raft it if too high to tube. The River Feshie is a ten minute drive from our Aviemore changing rooms. White Water Tubing is even more exciting than White Water Rafting and the same type of activity.

Raft the Findhorn

Each November, and from late March to mid May, the River Findhorn has the UK’s best white water for rafting. During the summer we strongly recommend Adventure Water River Tubing as an alternative. In Scotland we dont have glaciers to keep the rivers up for rafting in July and August.

Aviemore first White Water Rafting company.

We’ve been rafting the River Findhorn and other Cairngorms area rivers since 1997, and so have amazing guides with years of experience. Coming up on our 20th year rafting from Aviemore,  you know you’re in good hands. and if we say go Adventure Tubing not Rafting you’ll know it is good advice based on years of experience rafting the Scottish Highlands. Our goal is for your trip to be the best possible white water adventure.

Experience real wilderness and white water. Enjoy a rush of adrenaline, the beauty of the Scottish nature,  sandy river beaches and rocky gorges.

White water rafting the way it should be done, the Full On Adventure way!

River Paddle Boarding SUP

River Paddle Boarding adventure on the River Spey is super fun and easy to learn for everyone. Try River Stand Up Paddle Boarding and you’ll understand the buzz is about this fast growing new sport.

You might think SUP “stand up paddle boarding” is a gentle paddle around a lake. Doesn’t sound too exciting eh? Well think again! Come try River  Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Full On Adventure.

If you enjoyed White Water River Tubing or Rafting with us, imagine learning this new river sport. You can safely enjoy white water or river trips yourself. Paddle boards are great in the surf and for longer journeys too.

Being inflatable with a handy rucksack travel bag, they pack up and store easily. They’re much easier to store at home than a canoe or kayak. And they’re much easier when it comes to taking it on holiday with you.

We run, “come and try it” SUP sessions on the River Spey suitable for all abilities and easy to pick up.

We have sourced the best quality Stand Up Paddle boards from Red Paddle Co. They make very stable SUP boards that are perfect to learn on.

We teach you the skills you’ll need to paddle board on the river, or anywhere else Surf, Sea, wilderness Lochs, adventure journeys across Scotland or around the world SUP adventures.

Why learn on the river?

The river is much more sheltered from the wind than highland lochs, so makes a better learning environment. The river’s flow makes it extra fun. Learn how to ferry glide across the current, the first step to learning how to surf.

Here in the Cairngorms National Park our River Spey SUP location is only a 5-10 minute walk from our indoor changing rooms close to Aviemore and only minutes from the Old Bridge inn for great food and refreshments afterwards.

What is covered in the lesson?

  • Safe launch, landing and self rescue.
  • Efficient forward paddling
  • Spinning, Trim, Edging and all-round board control
  • How to ferry glide, the first steps to surfing.
  • Engaging your core for performance and getting in great shape, the fun way!

The great thing about Stand Up Paddle Boarding SUP is that you can pick it up and learn at your own pace. With our expert guides on hand you can be sure to get the right technique from the start, ensuring you progress quickly and get the most fun from this awesome water sport.

Think of it like Skiing or Snow Boarding, you can pick it up yourself, but with a few good quality pointers from an expert, you’ll get better quicker and have more fun on the water.

Check out the videos of River Paddle Boarding on Stand Up Paddle boards SUP around the world, on the Full On Adventure FaceBook page.

After you’ve got the taste

River Paddle Boarding,  SUP (stand up paddle boarding) on the river, is very addictive. If you decide to take it up as a sport (which we think you will), ask us about our great deals on the best SUP’s out there from RedPaddle Co, as we are a dealer as well.

We also know a great place you can hire boards from for self guided trips, just ask and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out their website and see why we choose to go with the Red Paddle Co brand of SUP.

Come and join us soon for an awesome Scottish SUP adventure in the highlands.

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River Tubing is now ON!!!!

Well as you’ll see from the photo we’ve been river tubing already back in the snow over the winter.
Fact is right now we could have hot sunshine or snow but the rivers are flowing so Adventure Tubing and WW Rafting are all on and at great levels!

We have lots of brand new extra warm gear including: new gloves, new thick wetsuits, new thick wetsuit socks, new shoes and all the good quality water/wind proof tops have in stock so what ever the weather you’ll be warm and having fun.


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Creek Kayak in Washington state in November

So its that time of year when the Full On Adventure guides get to go on adventures.

We still answer enquiries by email but the phones are off until the spring so we all get to play and ensure we are at the cutting edge of adventure.

We are still open for group bookings in the winter but book ahead as we don’t do last minute in the winter as we are away on adventures.

Right now owner John Mason is creek kayaking in washington state, USA. Whilst the snow falls on the the mountains the north west coast of the states has a climate much like Scotlands in the auturm, plenty of rain means great kayaking.

Then when the snow comes in force it will be up to Canada for the back country skiing.

Here are some head cam videos from this weeks adventures

First Cascade creek

the following day the Robe Canyon of the R. Stilli