Mountain Biking

Aviemore is surrounded by ancient forests, beautiful glens and wild mountain tracks. With the local knowledge of our expert bike guides you’ll soon be finding out why the Cairngorms are the jewel in the crown when it comes to mountain biking in Scotland.

Taylored to suit your aspirations and experience, we have single track technical trails or large easy to ride forest paths, all in stunning Cairngorm and Strathspey Scenery. Work with our guides on your skills or just enjoy a guided ride, its up to you.

We teach good riding techniques that leave the ground as we find it, respecting both the environment and other path users. Over all we’ll take you to the places that we know will blow you away.

Group Activities

Adventure days and multi adventure packages. (drop us an email to book group activities or for tailor made adventures)

What ever the occasion we have great adventures waiting for your group. Just look at the reviews on Trip Advisor to see how much people enjoy our exciting adventures.

Single activity Days

  • White Water Adventure River tubing (12yrs+)
  • Canyoning
  • Gorge walking and plunging
  • White Water Rafting
  • Mountain Biking
  • Kayak Touring River Trips
  • S.U.P Stand Up Paddle Boarding (New)

Multi Activity Packages from £110pp

For groups of 12 or more people choose one activity from list A and one activity from list B for £110.

Sorry, but we can’t combine white water rafting with white water river tubing on the same day.

List A

  • White Water Rafting
  • White Water Adventure Tubing
  • Canyoning

List B

  • River Kayaks
  • Mountain Biking
  • Paint Balling
  • Abseiling
  • Stand Up Paddling
  • Zipline

  • Quad Bike
  • Clay Pigeon shooting
  • Canyoning
  • White Water River tubing
  • White Water Rafting

Package add ons:

  • Distillery Tour £38pp  (Bespoke tour with multiple tastings, Transport and guides included)
  • Micro Brewery Tour £10pp
  • Packed Lunch £10pp
  • BBQ £20pp ( minimum of 12 people for this add on)

Important information you need to read before your activity

We will ask you to indicate you accept our Risk Declaration when you arrive for our activities.

Risk Declaration

As with any sport/leisure activity there are hazards associated with Full On Adventure outdoor activities. It is important for the safety of everyone taking part that each participant is acquainted with those hazards and individually takes all relevant action to minimise those hazards as much as possible.

I understand that:

  • Outdoor adventure activities are physically and mentally intense and may require extreme exertion.
  • The possibility of injury to myself exists.
  • I may get wet and cold.
  • Participation in our activities can cause bruising and stiffness.
  • If I take off my equipment I will be putting myself in danger.
  • If I don’t listen and follow the guide’s instructions I will be putting myself in danger.
  • Moving water is dangerous and that ultimately there is a risk of drowning.
  • Cars are parked at the owners own risk.
  • Full On Adventure does not accept responsibility for valuables lost or damaged during activities or at the activity sites.

I confirm and agree that:

  1. I am physically fit and mentally able to take the strain and exertion involved in the activities which I plan to undertake with Full On Adventure.
  2. I have no medical condition that would prevent me from taking part in the planned activities. (Please make your guide aware if you use any medical aid or may require medication)
  3. I am fully aware of the risk to myself and others involved in these adventure activities.
  4. I will comply with the rules and use all equipment as instructed.
  5. I will obey all instructions from the guides.
  6. I will listen to and ask if I need additional explanation so that I understand the safety briefing.

I accept the inherent risk of injury that all Full On Adventure outdoor adventure activities entail and waive any claim that may result from my participation in these activities. I am also aware of what clothing, equipment or food that I need to bring with me.

We will ask you to indicate you accept this when you arrive for our activities. Parents will accept this on behalf of their children under 18 years old. For youth groups who bring under 18s without parents in attendance, we ask group leaders to check with parents first and ensure they are all happy for their children to participate in our adventure activities. Group leaders will sign this declaration of risk acceptance on behalf of themselves and all their group members, in the full understanding that they have undertaken to get the permission of all parents of the under 18s in their charge, to accept this risk declaration on their behalf and made parents aware of this risk declaration in advance of attendance.

What to Bring With You

Unless specified as included you will need packed lunch and drink for an active day. Mountain Cafe in Aviemore can supply very good pack lunches for collection on the morning of your activity, to order just email them direct, or telephone them on 01479 812473

For all activities:

  • Full set of spare dry clothes for all water sports
  • Sun cream and drinks for sunny weather
  • Waterproof or disposable cameras are ideal to record your adventures

Rafting & Canyoning

  • Towel
  • Spare trainers that will get wet
  • Swimming costume or shorts for under the wetsuits that we provide
  • Optional Thermals for cold weather

Family Rafting

For the gentle (not white water) rafting trip suitable for 5yrs+ there is no need to wear one of our wetsuits so just bring:

  • light waterproofs and comfortable clothing
  • Spare full set of clothing to change into afterwards (in case you do decide to get wet)
  • Footwear always gets wet so remember to bring spare trainers, socks and a towel

Mountain Biking

  • Thin grippy gloves, eye protective glasses
  • Small cycling or day rucksack to put you stuff in
  • Cycling padded shorts are a good idea especially for multi-day trips, otherwise just suitable clothing for the weather
  • We recommend carrying a light wind/waterproof top
  • Plenty of water. Hire bikes often do not have bottle cages which is why we recommend camel back or similar bladder systems in your rucksack
  • Energy snacks to keep up calorific intake


  • Towel, trainers are worn on water and will get wet so bring spare dry ones and socks.
  • For river kayaking bring same as listed here for Rafting.
  • For canoeing we recommend waterproofs such as you would use for hill walking, as it is easier to regulate your temperature in a front zipped mountain type jacket than in one of our canoe cags. Canoeing can be a mainly dry experience so often regular clothes are much more suitable than one of our wetsuits. If you prefer a wetsuit we can easily supply you with one and for more white water sections we might recommend it.

Sea Kayaking

Wetsuits are provided with cags, so just bring stuff for under or over that, based on likely weather. Swimming costume or shorts, towel, shoes will get wet so bring spare dry ones.

Ski and Snow Boarding

We provide the skis/boards, poles and boots so you need everything else. We always recommend for Scottish skiing, waterproof good jacket, waterproof trousers, 2 warm hats and gloves (2 hats in case one blows away). Goggles cannot be hired anywhere so bring your own or buy them on the day from the hire shop, cheap orange lens goggles are fine. It can be very unpleasant if not impossible to ski / board with out goggles at times. sun glasses are unlikely to be enough unless you get really good weather.

River Tubing

We provide everyone with Full Wetsuit, Wet Suit Socks and Wetsuit shoes (but we recommend you bring your own old trainers to wear over our socks, as more comfortable). We also provide gloves, buoyancy aids and helmets. So just bring along a large towel for changing and drying, swimming costume or shorts, old trainers that will get wet (optional)  and sport base layer / thermal base layer for under the wetsuits and any other layers you might like for comfort if cold weather like thin thermals (optional).


Canyoning is a must do adrenaline sport; fresh mountain water splashing in your face as you take on huge jumps into natural rock pools, swim under waterfalls and cascading down natural rock slides.

What is canyoning?

The original, real-deal, extreme, water and rock adventure. Our Canyon has Mega natural water slides, big pool jumps (all optional with ways around if you wish) and fantastic waterfalls.

Ideal for adventure seeking adults and older teenagers but can be suitable for water confident younger folks, just ask us when booking.

Why Canyoning from Aviemore?

We started Canyoning 20 years ago as a low water alternative to our White Water Rafting when the rivers were too low for that activity. As an experienced white water creek kayaker, our founder John Mason discovered many of the most popular Canyoning venues, in Scotland, whilst looking for new rivers to kayak. Often if a river was no good for steep creek kayaking, it ended up good for Canyoning. To this day our staff love Canyoning, it is often their goto on days off. We also now have other alternative to Rafting or Canyoning which is our awesome hybrid activity called White Water River Tubing. The closest great Canyon,  is a 45minute drive west from Aviemore. So if you’d like an activity closer to Aviemore which is every bit as exciting as Canyoning, then i’d recommend White Water River Tubing for sure.

Family Rafting Scenic Float Trips

This trip is for families with young children (5yrs+).

Family rafting is about fun on a gentle section of highland river. Where the river Spey runs through Aviemore it is gentle with lots of great mountain views and wildlife.

We paddle a fairly short section of river and let the water and guide do most of the work while you enjoy the scenery, wildlife and have fun on the water, paddling and playing games.

Scheduled trips run in school holidays on Sundays and Thursdays.

Trip times: 10am-1pm, or 2pm-5pm in summer. Half an hour earlier in winter.

That time span includes time for getting on and off the water and for transport, so the time on the water is up to 2 hours, which we have found is about right for young children.

We run this trip in partnership with Rothiemuchus estate.

If you have a group of 4 or more we can run it any day to suit you. If you wish to arrange a non scheduled trip please contact us so we can make arrangements.

Getting to Full On Adventure

The Full On Adventure changing rooms are marked on google maps, so if you do a google maps search for Full On Adventure, you should see us. The Post code is PH22 1QH which covers all of Inverdruie, so see below.

Driving toward the Cairngorm Mountains from Aviemore , we are on the righthand side of the road. Our entrance and car park are sign posted and called the Woodland Car park. We are across the road from Treezone and we are behind the bike shop called ‘In Your Element’.  We are immediately to the left of the Tennis Club ( Aviemore and Rothiemuchus tennis club).

Our Aviemore base is at the following address:

Full On Adventure
The Old Pavilion
PH22 1QH

Finding Full on Adventure by road:

From the south when you drive into Aviemore you will reach a roundabout with a Italian restaurant on it; turn right at that roundabout following signs for Cairngorm ski area and Glenmore. But then after just a minute you will see our base on your right, next to tennis club, opposite Tree Zone and the electric sign for the ski area. Drive into our car park, called the woodland car park, and follow the signs to our base behind InYourElement Bikes.

From the north drive through Aviemore on main road until you reach the ‘Italian restaurant roundabout’; turn left at that roundabout following signs for Cairngorm ski area and Glenmore. But then after just a minute you will see our base on your right, next to tennis club, opposite Tree Zone and the electric sign for the ski area. Drive into our car park, called the woodland car park, and follow the signs to our base behind InYourElement Bikes.

Please note our Aviemore changong rooms are not our office location and we dont take bookings there, our office based in Carrbridge handles internet and phone bookings 01479 420123. For walk in bookings for our half day activities please visit the Rothiemuchus visitor centre just over the road from our changing rooms, they can book our White Water River tubing, Tubing, Family Rafting and River Spey Paddle Boarding activities.

Getting to Aviemore by Road

We are easily reached from the south by following the A9 north to Aviemore, we’re 2-3 hours from Edinburgh or Glasgow just over one hour from Perth. Aviemore just 30minutes from Inverness and a hour from the west coast is centrally located to access the whole of the Scottish Highlands.

Reduce your carbon impact by considering the following ideas; if you’re coming as a group such as a Stag or Hen do, why not save driving and costs and make it more sociable by hiring a minibus, or people carrier, for the weekend where you live and using it all weekend rather than bringing lots of cars.


If planning to walk to us, you must have prebooked transport with us to get to activites. If you are arriving on foot, please check with us first as for all activities except our River Spey Stand Up paddle boarding adventure ( which we walk to) , you will normally need to follow us to the river in your own vehicle. River tubing is about a 10minute drive from our changing rooms and we give you plastic ( reuse-able) seat covers to help protect your car seats from getting wet.  We are around a 19min walk from the train station. If you arrange with us well in advance we can sometimes provide limited amounts of transport, but this must be prebooked.

Getting to Aviemore by Train

The Caladonian Sleeper train is also a great way to travel, leave work on a Friday evening and be here doing activities on the Saturday morning not having to leave until sunday night. It means you don’t waste any days travelling as that is done over night. If only they could get the booking process as simple as the budget airlines, I’m sure everyone would be using it, but for those of you with patience when it come to booking, it is a great way to travel. If coming by train you will need to pre-book transport with us, from our changing rooms to river and back, as most people use their own cars for this and we supply plastic reusable seat covers.

Getting to Aviemore by Air

For a weekend or short break in Scotland, flying into the small but well connected Inverness airport for the highland capital, makes a lot more sense than arriving in big airports in Edinburgh or Glasgow. By cutting out the time on the tarmac and waiting for luggage and getting out of those big airports, Inverness gets you off the plane and into your adventure in super-fast time.

Fly to Inverness airport from All London airports, Manchester, Bristol, Belfast, Southampton, Cardiff , and several Mainland European locations. We can also be reached from Aberdeen airport and often provide activities for groups coming over from Aberdeen. You can hire a car, camper van or self drive minibus for airport collection,  for your stay and drop it off at the airport when you fly out.

River Tubing

Running rapids and floating down a beautiful clear mountain river on the specially designed river tubes.

Expert guides and lots of great gear ensures everyone has a safe and fun trip.

Our River Tubing is designed for families or those wanting the excitement of our Adventure ‘White Water’ Tubing activity but with younger children or just a gentler experience in mind.

We still use the same great venues as on our ‘adventure white water river tubing’, we just take things a little slower and have easier options on all the sections of the run.

In our experience smaller kids love rapids even more than adults, and are usually better at it!

We get loads of feedback from people saying this is so much fun it’s the best thing they have done on their holidays, and they come back year after year.

You’ll experience stunning mountain views of the Cairngorms, having a chance to spot local wildlife before running the fun natural water shoots and rapids as the river descents through it’s forested highland glen.


Qualified to the highest levels our guides experience is what makes Full On Adventure so special. For our guides Adventure sports are their full time career, so you can be sure they have the local knowledge and skills to deliver inspirational coaching and guiding.

John Mason, Full On Adventure’s director has over 25 years experience in the adventure sports coaching and guiding field. Specialising as a kayak coach, and a qualified teacher with high level adventure sports coaching qualifications in a wide range of outdoor pursuits, he has worked for the national adventure guides training school, several leading outdoor education centers and traveled widely on expeditions kayaking, Ski Mountaineering, Mountain Biking, Climbing and on other adventures. As a BCU level 5 coach (the highest UK coaching award for Kayaking)  John still actively guides our groups on a regular basis.

All the guides that work for Full On Adventure are activists in their sports and that is what drives them to live and work in the Scottish Highlands. When we’re not guiding adventures you’ll find us out on the great local rivers, riding the amazing mountain bike trails, exploring the coast by sea kayak or climbing, skiing, boarding or walking in the mountains. So if you get the answer phone you know why, but do leave a message or email us, as we will get back to you as soon as we get in and can’t wait to get out there again with you on a Full On Adventure.

It’s quite simple, for the best in outdoor adventures in Aviemore, Inverness, the Scottish highlands and probably the World, Full On Adventure are the team to do it with.

Our heated indoor changing rooms and meeting location is Full On Adventure, The Old Pavilion, Inverdruie, Rothiemurchus, Aviemore PH22 1QH.

Getting to us directions


Our office address is Full On Adventure, Adhara, Carrbridge, Inverness-shire, PH23 3AX, UK.

Our trading address (but not meeting location or office) is Full On Adventure, 24 Cairngorm Avenue, Aviemore, PH22 1RY, UK.

Post can be sent to direct to Carrbridge address, Full On Adventure, Carrbridge, Inverness-shire, PH23 3AX, UK.

We accept bookings by internet, phone or email, however for last minute bookings when you are in Aviemore you can book many of our activities at the Rothiemurchus Visitor centre in Inverdruie (Aviemore) PH22 1QH. The Rothiemuchus Visitor centre is just past our meeting rooms on the other side of the road and you’ll find the Rothiemuchus visitor centre open 9.30-5.30 daily or you can call them on 01479 812345 or book online at their website

Our activities you can book with Rothiemurchus are River Tubing, Adventure River Tubing, White Water Rafting, Fun Rapids Rafting, Family ‘float trip’ Rafting, Kayaking River day trips and Water Adventure Challenge. All our longer trip / journey / expedition activities of more than one day or for detailed questions please email us direct

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road trip in BC Canada 

John from fullonadventure is currently driving an ex army truck across British Columbia.

He’s doing this in preparation for a new business Fullonadventure is starting in Canada called Rugged Canada. Soon you will be able to hire a camperized off road RV to explore BC on holiday or for the coolest mountain biking transport.