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XC skiing in all the new SNOW

xc ski heather and snow in the Scottish highlands

This is the video from 12 march 2011 xc skiing day, snowand heather!

So with  warm weather and great White Water Rafting last weekend we thought the Spring was here.

But typical for March you don’t really know until the day before what the weather is going to mean in terms of river levels.

Essentially a 5 degree shift in temps either way can mean the difference between big water and going skiing instead.

This weekend it started to snow and got cold, so we hit the [intlink id=”738″ type=”page”]XC skiing[/intlink], with sections of heather and snow it added to the fun, but certainly more challenging.

But now it has continued to snow petty much non stop for 2 days and with 30cm+ of fresh on the hills skiing could be good today. But with temps due to rise during the week looks like next weekend could see Big Water Rafting. But wait and see as it could just as easily be skiing!

Basically snow is good news for [intlink id=”866″ type=”page”]White Water Rafting[/intlink] as sooner of later it going to melt and the more we’ve got the longer the big rafting will last.

Check out the latest video of this weekends Snow and Heather sliding.


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